Virus Killing Surface Coating

Protesol AntiViral is independently tested & certified to kill 99.9% of harmful viruses, bacteria, mould and fungi.
How It Works

Protesol AntiViral is a innovative new solution that is spray applied to non-porous surfaces, scientifically proven to provide an anti-viral coating giving protection against the transmission of bacteria and virus's including Covid-19 with 99.9% efficiency.

How It Works

The Antiviral solution is sprayed onto the non-porous surface using an airspray gun.
It is then heated using UV light for just 15 seconds or Infra Red light for 40 minutes depending on the use of the surface. This process effectively bakes the product onto the surface ensuring it cannot be wiped off.
The metallic ion nanoparticles within the solution deteriorate the organism by damaging its outer membrane.
It then creates a barrier effect which eliminates any opportunity for bacteria or viruses to grow.
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The Benefits

Peace of mind your surfaces are protected and less cleaning required.
Reduces use of disinfectants and single use wipes so better for the environment.
Certified non toxic so the solution is safe to use in food preparation areas.
One application can last the lifetime of the surface if it remains intact.
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Where Can It Be Used?

Protesol AntiViral can be applied to most non-porous surfaces and is suitable for both commercial and domestic use:

Hospitals, doctors surgeries, schools, universities, offices
Supermarkets and shops
Sports stadiums, clubs, gyms, pools, arenas
Theme parks, museums
Children's play gyms & day nurseries


The Protesol AntiViral solution can be applied to:

Laminated surfaces
Some painted surfaces

Equipment Needed

The solution can be easily applied with the following products and PPE:

Spray machine or microfibre cloth
Heat gun
Safety goggles


Tests have been carried out using Zero Antiviral to measure the antiviral activity on non- porous surfaces treated with the compound UMBRELLA ZERO AC have shown a viral reduction of 4.14 log units compared with untreated surfaces. This implies a viral reduction greater than 99.99% so the product is considered to have a full antiviral effect.

It was approved by the Carlos III Institute of Health in Madrid. They are leading the coordination of virological studies on Covid-19 within a European network to research, prevent and control this disease.

The testing was done to an international standard: ISO 21791
protesol antiviral

Frequently Asked Questions

What materials does it work on?

It has been proven to work on metal, glass, laminated wood, plastics, ceramics and some painted surfaces. There are on-going tests to establish what other surfaces it is effective on.

How quickly does it work?

The testing and approvals process has determined that it is immediately effective on the virus once it is sprayed. Should the virus be transmitted to a treated surface the outer layer of the virus will immediately be attacked by the active ingredients in the coating reducing its ability to be further transmitted.

Can it be cleaned?

Surfaces treated with Protesol AntiViral can be cleaned with standard cleaning products such as soaps. The surface should not be cleaned with abrasive products as this could damage the surface.

How long will it last?

Undamaged, the coating will last forever. However, as we cannot guarantee that it will remain undamaged due to wear and tear we recommend it is redone every 5 years, sooner for very high traffic areas such as floors.

Can the migrate from one surface to another?

No, once Zero is applied to a surface and dried it will not migrate making it safe for all surfaces including food preparation areas, meat handling and processing.

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